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Five ways you can help Fr. Bill spread the Gospel throughout the world

There are several ways that you can help make Fr. Bill’s videos seen by more people around the world, and by doing so, have the Gospel reach people who are searching for it. Many do not have Bibles or cannot read English, but they can understand the spoken word.

1. Search for his website or YouTube channel
Type God’s Word Alive Today in the address field of your browser and in the search field of any search engine (, Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, etc.). Please note: Only select the search result that indicates God’s Word Alive Today in the title and as the website address. Do not select God’s Word Alive or which is another website of a similar name. You can also type directly in your browser address field and then bookmark it, but searching for it helps to “teach” the search engine in ways that will make his website appear higher up on the first page of search results for others who are searching.

2. Search for his videos on
Go to and click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right to open the youtube search field, and then type God’s Word Alive Today in the search field. From the list of his Bible Study videos, click the the topmost entry which is a link to his youtube channel. On his youtube channel, bookmark it or make it a favorite so that you can easily return to it. Whenever, you are on the channel or do a youtube search, you can view any of the videos you see by clicking on the thumbnail image or the title of the video. Note that besides the videos in the Recent uploads, there are Playlists that group videos together and play in sequence.

3. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel
If you have a Google account, such as gmail or some other Google service, or a YouTube account, you can subscribe to Fr. Bill’s YouTube channel by going to and typing in “God’s Word Alive Today” in the search field. Click on the link to the Channel page to go to the God’s Word Alive Today channel and then click on the Subscribe button. Besides raising the number of subscribers, you will receive notification of his latest videos whenever you visit If you don’t have a Google account or YouTube account, you can get one by registering for free.

4. Share a comment on his YouTube channel
If you have a Google/YouTube account, when you are on his YouTube channel page, click on the Discussion tab and then click within the text field labeled “Share your thoughts” and type a positive comment about his channel and its videos.

5. Share a comment about his videos on If you have a Google/YouTube account, select one of his videos through a search or on his YouTube channel account, then click within the text field labeled “Leave a comment” and type a positive comment in the Comment field about what you like about that video.

Any or all of these methods will increase the search engine ranking of his YouTube channel and videos so that when people search for them from around the world, his channel and videos will appear higher in the search result ranking.

Thank you for playing a part in this ministry!

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