The Victory of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Carmelite Monastery, Morristown, N.J.

Hymn to St. Therese (57:09)

Close to God, rejoice thou bright
Rose, whose petals, opening wide
For the Christ-child’s sole delight,
‘Midst the lilies fair abide.
Faith had taught your childish feet
Whither they should run to find
That dear Spouse Whom now you greet
In the heav’nly heights enshrined.

Simple-hearted, sweetly fed
On His love without surcease,
Thou wast by the Spirit led
To the hidden things of peace.
Oh, with what a holy zeal
thou didst yearn to suffer much,
Finding thus the way to heal
Others’ wounds with gentle touch.

Servant of the sister band
Thou didst hasten to be kind,
Knowing God was near at hand
Ever visioned in thy mind.
Surely thou didst please Him well
By thy little duties done;
Thee, in turn, His gifts befell
By thy slightest wishes won.

In the splendrous Court of Heaven,
Compassed ’round with glory now,
What a diadem is given
To Thine ever joyous brow!
Thou has joined the Virgin choir
O Teresa! whitherso
Goeth Christ, thy heart’s Desire
Thou in His white train dost go.

Oh, remember, loving soul
What thou’st promised to our dearth;
Now that thou hast gained the goal
Pour thy promised gifts on earth.
Thou dost know how many ways
We offend against our King;
On thy merits may He gaze
And forgive our wandering!

Pray thy clients still may press
Forward on the narrow path
Childlike hearts that Christ will bless
Such as Heaven’s Kingdom hath;
That with thee, we, too, may stand
Safe upon that farther shore,
And in God’s dear Fatherland

Sing His praise forevermore!

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